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Upgrade Your "Nearby" Information "Links" To A Database Application And Sell More Reservations. Here's How It Works.

1. Our "nearby" database application organizes your nearby restaurants and activities into easily searchable categories. It is easier and more reilable than search engines. We are adding to it constantly. You can suggest additions, and unlike "Google", etc., we can put additions up instantly. There are no special tricks, waiting for weeks, etc. You can also add them yourself.

2. Users find what they want without leaving your website. They won't be tempted to look at your competition either. Unlike a chamber of commerce or tourist bureau link, there are no other lodgings to lure away your guests.

Below: This Cape Cod Bed & Breakfast displays the nearby Anthony's Cummaquid restaurant without allowing the viewer to leave their website.

3. Viewers easily see your exact location, plus the driving distance and directions to all restaurants and activities from your front door. How easy and informative can it get?

Your viewers and guests see your exact distance from major attractions, beaches and everything else around you. They can also make plans to visit distant attractions, hours away, while staying in your rooms.

Recommend Your Favorites And Add Your Comments!

Guests want your "local knowledge" and recommendations. Now you can put it on your website for them to read and use. Input as little or as much information as you like, any time. Review and comment on your favorite attractions, and click an "Innkeeper Favorite" box to show viewers which attractions, restaurants and shops you recommend. Your comments and suggestions appear only on your website, not all around the internet.

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